Anuel AA, Karol G — Secreto

Famous Puerto Rican rap singer Anuel AA (Emmanuel Santiago), presented a music video for the song Secreto, recorded with Colombian reggaeton singer Karol G (Karolina Navarro). Artists in real life are loving couple. They shared their personal happiness with the public. The video is a kind of amateur home video. It is very touching and emotional.

In the video, the artists showed how they spend time together. Heroes almost never leave each other. They even go to concerts together. Neither Karol nor Emmanuel miss the chance to give each other gifts on different occasions. Surprises are touching, romantic, luxurious, and sometimes funny. The performers also showed how they relax and travel together: they ride snowboards, go for quad bike rides or hang out together in nightclubs or just relax in front of the TV, wallowing in bed.

The composition Secreto was released as the single of Anuel AA on January 15, 2019. The track has not entered the artist’s discography yet. Now Emmanuel has one mixtape, which the singer recorded in 2016, while in prison, and a full-length studio album, released in 2018.

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