Ava Max — So Am I

Famous American singer and songwriter Ava Max presented a video clip for the new song So Am I. Actions on the video take place in high school. A girl dressed in an extravagant bright outfit, walking around the corridors of the school, sings and dances. Her company is a group of high school students. Together they perform choreographic productions that look like a performance for cheerleading. During singer’s performance she gradually removes the details of the outfit. By the end of the video, a magnificent dress with a corset transforms into a thin lace bodice and tight-fitting pants. The composition So Am I was released as a single on March 7th. The track has chance to repeat the success of her previous hit Sweet but Psycho, which blew up the network last August. The song led the charts around the world: in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, the UK and in several other countries. Thanks to this track  Ava’s name became known to the whole world. The girl is predicted to have great fame and popularity like Lady Gaga.

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