Cardi B and Bruno Mars — Please Me

Popular hip-hop singer Cardi B songwriter and music producer Bruno Mars recently presented a video clip for the joint song Please Me. The roller was directed by Bruno and Florent Déchard. They shot music video for Mars on the compositions Wake Up in the Sky (with Gucci Mane and Kodak Black) and Finesse (with Cardi B).

In the video, actions take place in Los Angeles late in the evening after one of the parties. The two companies that consist of boys and girls meet In a small diner. Bruno immediately spotted the beautiful Cardi. The girl looks very bright, stylish and confident. The guy tries to seduce her, while his friends hit on girls. The girls are dancing and flirting with the guys. Both companies are leaving together, accompanying each other in cars.

The song Please Me was released as a single on February 15th. The track has not entered the artist’s discography yet. Probably, the song will later become part of the new singer’s album. Cardi B released her debut album just a year ago. Longplay took the first lines of the charts in the United States and Canada, and also showed good results in several other countries.

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