Ciara — Greatest Love

Popular American singer, songwriter and dancer Ciara presented a video clip  for the song Greatest Love. In the video, the artist appears in an empty studio. Ciara sings a song and poses in front of the camera, demonstrating stylish youth outfits. In total, the performer appeared in four images. Each of them is sexier than the previous one. One of the singer’s outfits practically does not hide her body. Thin bikini shreds are barely covered with a large mesh, imitating a dress. The singer defiles around the studio and dances. Only lighting was used as decorative elements in the clip. The studio is highlighted in rich red and blue colors. The song «Greatest Love» was released as a single on February 12th. The track has not entered the singer’s discography yet. Ciara’s career began in 2002. Over the years, the artist has released six studio albums. The release of the last of them took place in 2015. After it release, Ciara disappeared for a while from the radar of the fans.

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