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The popular South Korean girl group CLC (CrystaL Clear) presented a video clip for a composition No. Like many Korean music videos, the video is bright and dynamic, with a riot of colors and abundance of dancing. Girls initially appear in the exhibition hall as exhibits. Then they leave their pedestals and start dancing.

Artists appeared in several vivid images, each of which is different sexuality and shortened length of dresses. At the end of the video, the members of the team lost the loveliest and dearest things to their hearts. The girls put their branded handbags with rhinestones, favorite lipsticks and high-heeled shoes into a glamorous white coffin. The story is silent about what they did to the coffin after. But the beautiful rose garden in the glass cube of the singer was burned.

The composition No entered the last mini-album of the group CLC No.1. The release of the record took place on January 30, 2019. In addition to the aforementioned song, the tracklist includes five others. The disc became the eighth EP in the career of the team.

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