Clean Bandit feat. Ellie Goulding — Mama

The popular British electro-pop group Clean Bandit presented a video clip for the song Mama, recorded with Ellie Goulding. The team was directing the video independently. The action on the plot begins in the United States in the 20th century. The main character is a boy of about 11 from a rich, but loveless family. His childhood was not carefree and cared for, like many other children. When the boy fell for a walk and broke his knees, his relatives did not pay attention to it. When he was afraid to dive into the pool of water, he was just roughly pushed down. In school, the boy also constantly fell because he was different from the rest of the children.

When the young man grew up, he learned to sag under the system and adapt to the circumstances in order to achieve greater success. He adopted the habits of adults from his environment. He became cynical and pragmatic. Toward the end of the clip, it becomes clear that the cute, fair-haired boy in the video clip is the future President of the United States Donald Trump. The guys from Clean Bandit decided to show their interpretation of how the circumstances formed the personality that the whole world now knows. The role of Donald in childhood was played by Alfie Ralph, a young man — Joe Allen and an adult hero — Neil Morrisey. The composition Mama entered the band’s album What Is Love? The release of the record took place in November 2018. It became the second longplay in the career of Clean Bandit.

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