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Famous Romanian singer and songwriter INNA (real name — Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu) presented a video clip for a composition Tu Manera. In the video, the singer appears in a simple style. The girl is dressed in simple sports shorts and a T-shirt. She rides a bike on a quiet suburb with inexpensive, but well-kept houses. The actress poses on the porch of one of these houses. In the background is a clothesline with clothes hanging on it. There is a car in the yard. She sang a part of the song, having climbed onto the roof of the car and spread her arms wide apart.

The heroine of the clip is in a silly mood. She does not just sing, but also copies a strange gait, swinging her hips wide and turning her body. And finally, she even dances in the same parody manner. The composition Tu Manera was released as a single on March 1. The track has not yet entered the singer’s discography. Inna started her career in 2007 and two years later she became known to the whole world, releasing the track Hot. Now INNA is the most successful and famous performer in the EDM genre. She has five studio albums. In the near future she is going to release of the sixth longplay that called YO. The exact release date of the record is still unknown.

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