Jonas Brothers — Sucker

The popular boys band Jonas Brothers reunited again. Artists announced this event on February 28th. And the next day, the brothers presented a video clip to the new song Sucker.The video was directed by Anthony Mandler. He previously worked with such celebrities as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Niki Minaj, Beyonce, Shakira, Taylor Swift and many others.

In the video, the guys play the role of henchmen of three beautiful ladies who were played by the wives of the Jonas brothers. Girls live in a luxurious manor, dress in extravagant fancy dresses and spend time as they please. The guys entertain them with their performances, accompany them to secular receptions and fool around trying to dispel common boredom. The composition Sucker was released as single on March 1. The track was the first work of artists since the resumption of work.

The band was founded in 2005. The guys released four albums and were at the peak of popularity when in 2013 they announced the cessation of joint performances. Each of the brothers took up his solo career. The reunion of the group was for fans of musicians the same shock as it was once the news of its collapse.

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