Kehlani feat. Ty Dolla $ign — Nights Like This

Popular American singer Kehlani presented a video clip for the song Nights Like This. In the recording of the track took part rap artist Ty Dola $ ign.

In the story, the heroine Kehlani finds a dying girl on the threshold of her house late at night. She is a robot, whereas Kehlani is an engineer and she is capable of helping a stranger. In the secret room of his mansion she has a workshop. After some time, the heroine replaces part of the details of the robot and revives her.

The girls become friends. They spend time together, do a manicure and share intimate memories. However, Kehlani does not even know what causes envy of the robot. A guest in a dream kidnapped the body of her rescuer and completely rebooted into it. She burned her old shell. The same fate awaited the friend of the girl, whose role Ty played (Ty Dolla $ ign).

The composition  Nights Like This was released as a single on 10 January. The track has not entered the singer’s discography yet. Now Kehlani has two records. The last one was released in 2015.  In general, Kehlani has released two mixtapes and twenty two singles, including six singles as a featured artist.

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