Lil Mosey — Greet Her

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Lil Mosey has released a new video for the song Greet Her. The video is beautiful and romantic. The guy comes to eat in a familiar eatery. There he notices a beautiful girl who dines in the company of her friend. The guy smiles at the girl and sits down at a table with his friends. The girl also notices the guy, she likes him. Apparently, something serious is happening between young people, as time stands still. All people in the whole city freeze in ridiculous poses. The guy leads the girl out of the diner and takes a walk. The guys have time to visit some holiday, visit the exhibition and do many other interesting things. And all the people around are still not moving. Lil Mosey began his career in 2016. Now the guy is 17 years old. He released one studio album and several singles. A young man plays music in the genres of «hip-hop» and «trap».

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