Myke Towers and Farruko — Si Se Da

The singer Myke Towers presented a video clip for the song Si Se Da, recorded together with the famous Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Farruko (Carlos Rosado). The director of the video was Christian Suau. The main «trick» of the video series were exotic dancers in sexy and outright dresses. Girls dance on pylons and perform erotic choreography on chairs. Musicians also appear in the frame. However, they could not attract enough attention from the audience. The main characters of the video still remained beauty. At the same time the video clip looks very monotonous. The video series lacks dynamics. Everything that happens on the screen fits into the first 20 seconds of the music video. The composition Si Se Da was released as a single on February 26th. The track has not entered Myke’s discography  yet. The singer has only one studio album. The debut album El Final del Principio was released in 2016.

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