Salmo — LUNEDI’

Famous Italian rapper Maurizio Pisciottu, nickname Salmo, presented a video clip for the song LUNEDI ‘. The video was shot by video maker duet YouNuts! (Antonio Usbergo and Niccolò Celaia). The actions take place in the post-apocalyptic future. There are almost no people around the world. The houses remained abandoned, and the streets are deserted. History is silent about what happened to humanity.

The main character is almost the only person left in the city. He was overgrown because he had not shaved for a long time. The guy wanders around the city looking for the rest of the food. He collects various canned goods and provisions in abandoned stores. Trying to remain honest, he even leaves money at an empty cash desk, although no one needs them anymore.

Every day the hero goes around the whole city in search of someone. He is sad and angry that he was left all alone. Suddenly he meets himself on the street in the image to the apocalypse. The guys arrange a fight on the street. As a result, the main character shoots himself in the head. At the end of the story, it turns out that the guy was unconscious and in fact no apocalypse happened. The composition LUNEDI’ was included on singer’s album Playlist, which was released in November 2018. It became the sixth solo longplay in the career of a rap artist.

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