Shakira — Nada

The famous Colombian singer and dancer Shakira presented a video clip for the song Nada. She is known as the most successful Latin American artist who achieved success in both the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking music markets.

The music video is a bit sad. In this video Shakira wanders through the small room of the lighthouse. She is immersed in depression. Nothing brings her joy. There is emptiness on TV, there is nothing to do, and even tap water refuses to run. Shakira looks out of the window with sadness. Till the end, viewer does not realize what is happening outside the round room.

Shakira turns the empty pages of diary and angrily throws it across the room. She feels hopeless. Then she gets under the bed. Later she is coming out. The lighthouse stands on a small shred of rocks in the middle of a huge ocean. The girl runs up and wants to jump into the water. However she can’t sink into the ocean. She levitates over the water in the rays of sunset.

The composition Nada is a part of Shakira’s album El Dorado. It was released last May. He became the eleventh record in the career of a singer. After the release of longplay artist went on a world tour in his support. The tour ended with a concert in Colombia on November 3, 2018.

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