The Chemical Brothers — Got To Keep On

The famous British electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers presented a video clip for the song Got To Keep On. The directors of the work were the duo of clip-makers Michel Gondry and Olivier Gondry. The focus of the audience is a group of dancers. Everyone is dressed differently. Each of the participants goes to the center and shows their individuality in the dance. Some of the pieces of freestyle look quite unusual and original. Then the dancers dress in white outfits.

The guys shows an incredible plastic sketch that can surprise not only the average viewer, but also colleagues on the scene. The boy and the girl in the snow-white overalls are closely intertwined with the bodies. It seems that they are as one. It’s hard to see where one person ends and another begins. The composition Got To Keep On was released as the third single in support of the future musicians’ album. The release of the record will take place on April 12th. The longplay will be called No Geography and it will consist of only ten tracks.

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