Trey Songz feat. Chris Brown — Chi Chi

Popular American singer, songwriter, actor and music producer Trey Songz presented a video clip for the song Chi Chi. The track was recorded with the famous singer and dancer Chris Brown. In the video, both artists appear in the company of a crowd of busty girls in bikinis. The company fun at the pool. Guys enjoy female attention. And the operator shows a close-up view of the hips and bust of the beauties. Of course, there was no champagne, a cute dog, seductive dances at a party and banknotes flying everywhere in the frame.

In general, the video has no unique plot. It is made quite in the spirit of modern American R’n’B culture. The video sequence was made by the clipmaker, nicknamed Joni. There is almost no information about him.The composition Chi Chi was released as a single on February 4th. The track has not entered the singer’s discography yet. Trey Songz began his musical career in 2003. During this time, the artist has released seven studio albums. The last one was released in 2017 under the name Tremaine.

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